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by Food Enthusiast – Apr 22, 2014 Laughing Glass Cocktails – a super-premium, ready-made margarita that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle, or as a base for some delicious twists on everyone’s favorite fiesta beverage. The company was created by three Northern Californian moms and best friends who have a passion for entertaining and saw the need for a product that met their at-home happy hour standards Although Laughing Glass is perfect simply served over ice- listed below are two of co-founder and resident mixologist Jill Korst’s favorite recipes to spice up your Cinco shin-dig or keep on file for summer barbecues and get togethers. Watermelon and Laughing Glass Mojito 1 serving Ingredients: 10 mint leaves ice cubes about 1/2 cup seedless watermelon splash of lemon-lime soda or sparkling water mint sprig and a slice of lime for garnish (optional) Directions: In a glass, muddle the mint, and watermelon (I use a wooden spoon). Add the Laughing Glass Cocktails Margarita and stir to mix. Add ice, the soda or sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of lime and mint leaves, if desired.   Spring Fling Rhubarb Margarita 2 servings Ingredients: 8 oz Laughing Glass Cocktails Margarita 2 oz Cointreau 4 oz club soda 2 oz simple syrup (see directions below) Directions: For the simple syrup: Combine the 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a small saucepan with the chopped rhubarb (3 rhubarb stalks, cut into small pieces). Bring sugar and rhubarb to a rolling boil and let cook for 10 minutes until the sugar is dissolved and the rhubarb has released its color and flavor. Remove from stove and set aside to cool. In a separate glass combine the Laughing Glass, Cointreau, club soda and simple syrup. Shake in a cocktail shaker for 10 seconds and then serve. Check out more of what Food Enthusiast Magazine has to offer  
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Laughing Glass Cocktails bottled by Monterey Wine Company, King City, CA for Moms On The Rocks, Inc. Per 1.5 oz - Average Analysis: 41 calories, carbohydrates 2.78g, protein .05g, fat 0g. 

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