the perfect margarita

We make our ready-to serve margaritas with a proprietary blend of super premium tequila from Mexico – making these the margaritas for the serious tequila lover. We took the bold complexities of our beautiful tequila and seamlessly integrated delicate citrus notes for the Original and bold pomegranate and orange for our new Pomegranate cocktail.  We add the subtle sweetness of organic agave nectar to create the perfect combination, and a zing of effervescence to make those flavors pop with bubbly freshness.


margaritas with no artifical ingredients or preservatives

You can trust us when we say – we know a good margarita when we taste one, growing up in California makes us experts.  Ours is an instant classic – all-natural and delicious.  After all, who wants to drink a cocktail that tastes like something out of your medicine cabinet?


low calorie margaritas on the horizon

You can depend on us to deliver consistently fresh, well- balanced and convenient products you will be proud to serve to your cherished friends. We are dedicated to making your party – and your LIFE – more festive!  Try it today!



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All natural tequila margaritas

When it came to our tequila, we knew exactly what we wanted in our distinctive blend and searched for an artisan distiller who could produce just that. Sourced from the lowlands of Tequila, Mexico, our Super Premium Blanco tequila is formulated using the finest agave pinas, aged to perfection and fermented in allergen-free stainless steel casks. This produces the purest spirit, and the distinctive foundation for our amazing cocktail.


margarita tasting notes

Strong floral aromas highlight our unique tequila, but the smooth finish evens out the complex bouquet. The light, fresh agave characteristics have a clean palate, resulting in a flavor profile that is perfectly balanced and stunningly delicious.

Margarita Tequila Laughing Glass Cocktail Drink

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Laughing Glass Cocktails bottled by Monterey Wine Company, King City, CA for Moms On The Rocks, Inc. Per 1.5 oz - Average Analysis: 41 calories, carbohydrates 2.78g, protein .05g, fat 0g. 

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