“Los Angeles, I’m Yours” and Laughing Glass

Your Californian Margaritas Are Ready: Laughing Glass Cocktails By Kyle Fitzpatrick – April 30, 2014 Cinco De Mayo is Monday. How is your Monday? Let me tell you: my Monday is going to be a doozy. Mondays are always busy! They are also a night when you don’t really want to go out nor are you really able to. You should celebrate though. Make a margarita at home! Better yet, have someone else make them for you. Another idea: just buy a bottle of Laughing Glass Cocktails, a pre-made, take home margarita by and for Californians. They do a really good job with it! It ain’t no Skinny Girl, either. The pre-made Margarita comes from a recipe made from San Anselmo locals Sydney Rainin-Smith, Jill Korst, and Carey Clahan. The three moms banded togheter to make a cocktail that reflected what it is to be Californian, something perfect for pool parties. While they are located in Northern California, the brand has a great grasp on Southern California as it’s sold from Pismo Beach to San Diego: they’re targeting us. Just in time for De Mayo, too. And? How is it? Great, actually. I’ve tried that Skinny shit and it tastes like diet [insert alcoholic beverage]. It’s boring and sad and makes you wish you were having the real thing. Laughing Glass? It does aspire to be “diet” but instead comes off as “fresh.” It’s slightly effervescent and is made from all natural ingredients. It isn’t too sweet or too tart or too boozey: it’s very balanced not to mentioned clean. It’s totally LA friendly (i.e., gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and Paleo safe) (Seriously!) and only comes in at 41 calories per serving. While Bethenny Frankel offered her Margarita for New Yorkers, the San Anselmo crew way outdid her and, hopefully, will conquer her market. Someone needs to take her down! Of course it is Californians. The pre-made cocktail may sound like a fad or lazy but, honey, on a Monday night when you’re supposed to be drinking a Margarita for Cinco De Mayo it will be perfect. Read more great blog posts on Los Angeles, I’m Yours

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Laughing Glass Cocktails bottled by Monterey Wine Company, King City, CA for Moms On The Rocks, Inc. Per 1.5 oz - Average Analysis: 41 calories, carbohydrates 2.78g, protein .05g, fat 0g. 

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