Laughing Glass Cocktails Launches in Southern California

San Anselmo, CA —December 4, 2013 — The three friends have always joked they should mass-produce their famous margarita recipe. Laughing Glass Cocktails, the new startup founded by three girlfriends, mixes and bottles authentic ready-to-drink cocktails using only super premium ingredients. The company rolled out their first product throughout Northern California this summer, and bottles are now hitting store shelves in Southern California. The low-calorie Margarita is made from just a few natural and organic ingredients and tastes just like you made it at home— not like something out of your medicine cabinet. “The market was ripe for a bottled margarita that tastes great and made with only premium ingredients. Consumers want products that are not filled with junk and taste like they made it from scratch,” said co-founder and CMO Carey Clahan. “You will be proud to pour the Laughing Glass Margarita at your parties and events— and with recipes like our new holiday drink, tequila is not just for summer any more!”   THE JINGLEBERRY – Laughing Glass Holiday Cocktail:   Jingleberry   PURE NATURAL INGREDIENTS Adding a minimum of ingredients and nothing artificial, Laughing Glass created the first authentic ready-to-pour margarita in the market. Each batch is made with their own proprietary super-premium Blanco tequila, natural citrus, and lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar to make an unequivocally pure and delicious margarita — with a hint of carbonation. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan to boot.   LOW IN CALORIES “We believe quality and taste are always more important than how many calories are in a drink — but a 4 ounce serving of our margarita is only 110 calories,” added Sydney Rainin, co-founder and CEO. “Our research shows that people base their choices on taste, quality and convenience, not calories, but we worked hard to keep it below a typical margarita.” “We have accomplished what we set out to do—make a classic margarita that appeals to savvy consumers using only premium ingredients at a competitive price,” added Jill Korst, co-founder and chief mixologist. “This is the most authentic ready-to-drink margarita on the market today, and we’re excited to share it!”   PRICING AND AVAILABILITY SRP is $17.99 Laughing Glass Margaritas are packaged in 750ml glass bottles using eco-friendly packaging. LGC Margaritas are 12% alcohol, about the same as a glass of white wine 110 calories for 4 ounces   In addition to retail stores, consumers can purchase Laughing Glass online through three of their retailers, Ludwigs, K&L Wines, The Jug Shop.  Distribution will continue to expand nationally in 2014. Available at the following locations in Southern California and San Diego counties, with more locations added each week. LOS ANGELES Vendome Wine & Spirits, Beverly Hills Starlite Liquor, Burbank Regal Liquor, Culver City Vicente Foods, Los Angeles Century Liquor, Los Angeles Sunny Market2, Los Angeles Melrose Fine Wine & Liquor, Los Angeles AA Liquors, Los Angeles Nick’s Liquor, Venice Beach Mission Wine & Spirits – at all 10 locations soon Venture Liquor, Simi Valley   SAN DIEGO Marina Blvd. Liquor, San Diego Texas Liquor, Carlsbad Major Market, Escondido M&M Liquor, Fallbrook Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook Harbor Liquors, Oceanside Village Square Liquor, San Diego Valley Farm Market, Spring Valley   ABOUT LAUGHING GLASS COCKTAILS Founded in 2012 by three Marin County friends with a passion for entertaining, Laughing Glass Cocktails is an innovative new spirits company creating quite a stir in The San Francisco Bay Area. The founders were dissatisfied with the ready-to-pour margaritas available in the market today. They set out to create super premium cocktails that don’t compromise flavor, quality, calorie count, or ingredients. The first product to launch is their delicious take on the classic margarita. LGC plans to develop additional ready-to-pour cocktails that will always be natural, lower in calories, and authentic. Laughing Glass Cocktails aims to make gatherings effortless, real, and extraordinarily festive. For more information, please visit or contact Amy Bonetti,, 415.407.9008

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Laughing Glass Cocktails bottled by Monterey Wine Company, King City, CA for Moms On The Rocks, Inc. Per 1.5 oz - Average Analysis: 41 calories, carbohydrates 2.78g, protein .05g, fat 0g. 

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