Happy National Tequila Day!

So, what are you drinking today July 24? Okay, okay, you may not be “celebrating” this national holiday – but every day is tequila day for us! To commemorate the occasion, Co-founder of Laughing Glass, Carey Clahan, has a short list of some of her favorite tequilas (and why). Read on!

In the mood for tequila? Here’s are some of my favorite, easy to find bottles. (Also, here’s a hometown hint – if you just want a taste without buying a whole bottle, there are plenty of bars that will serve you “half shots” so you can try more than one tequila at a time. Word to the wise – make sure it’s a very slow night before you ask your local bartender to do this! But on the right night, with a chatty barkeep, you can taste and learn a lot!)

Maestro Dobel (Diamonte)
Reposado claro
This tequila is distilled several times so it loses its brown color. Looks like a blanco so this can be confusing – especially because it’s so smooth for sipping. I sip room temp but that’s not for everyone. The flavors evolve with each sip which equals way more depth than a blanco even though it looks like one.
Anejo Aged in bourbon barrels (though I’ve also heard sherry barrels) gives this tequila a fruitier nose. Smooth and vanilla forward, not too peppery or citrusy. Agave, oak and a little nutty.
*Side note- the “Forty” distiller has a great story if you like doing some advance research- and the distilleria does everything old school – brick ovens, stone grinders, old world wood fermentation, “no short cuts.” I’ve loved all of Fortaleza’s products since I found them around 7 years ago.
The bartender’s bestie, the hipster go-to, awesome tequila whether you’re a beginner or expert tequila connoisseur. Sip over a big ice cube and chill. You are officially cool.
Smell it! It’s like caramel candy! Again, agave and vanilla forward (and a wee butterscotch) which is my flavor preference against hard pepper. So smooth. It coats your tummy with warm happiness!
Clase Azul
Get it for the future vase. Gorgeous on the bar! Some people get snotty about this one (I think because of the flashy bottle.) I definitely have a clear preference towards caramel and vanilla – maybe because I’m a woman? Or maybe too many harsh earthy chemically Cuervo shots in my youth? – whatever the case, don’t let tequila snobs fool you, nice bit of juice in here and a great souvenir from any travels in Mexico.
Don Julio 1942
Butterscotch nose. It is a little sweet and super smooth. Very urban popular (in fact, it’s often drunk for bottle service on MTV’s Jersey Shore if you watch that terrible show that I secretly adore please don’t tell anyone). Drink it neat and naked. Loads of unfolding caramel, vanilla and spice.

And of course, our own super premium blanco tequila is absolutely perfect – I wish you all could try it! Maybe some day, but in the meantime, enjoy ours out of a bottle of LGC margaritas. Enjoy, happy #nationaltequiladay, and cheers!

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