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As seen on the Fluent in Fabulous blog in their Foodie 5  April 20, 2014 Cinco de Mayo (May 5th to us gringos) is just around the corner and you know what that date in history marks don’t you? That’s right! It’s the one time of the year when we can drink, guilt free, as many margaritas as we want! FYI: It really marks the Mexican army’s unexpected victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. But El Día de la Batalla de Puebla just doesn’t scream, “Let’s Drink Margaritas.” I’m not a great margarita maker yet I detest those cloying, pre-made mixes that stick to the back of my throat. Gag! So when I heard about Laughing Glass Cocktails, an all-natural, ready-to-serve (and drink) margarita that contained only fresh quality ingredients, my lushy senses spiked. Launched in 2013, Laughing Glass Cocktails was the idea of three girlfriends, Sydney Rainin-Smith, Jill Korst, and Carey Clahan, who had a passion for entertaining and were driven to create a product representative of their good friendship spiked with the love of a good and good-for-you drink. The product’s distinctive tequila blend is produced by an artisan distiller in Tequila, Mexico and is formulated with the best agave pinas grown in the lowlands of Jalisco. The tequila is aged and fermented in allergen-free stainless steel casks, and then is distilled and filtered six times, resulting in blanco tequila of the purest form. It also happens to be gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and PALEO friendly while containing only 110 calories per 4oz serving. Now that’s some guilt free drinking DNA! As someone who appreciates a laugh-your-glass-off night with friends, as well as a good and good-for-you drink, I think this margarita is worth a toast any time of year. The three margarita mavens behind Laughing Glass Cocktails were kind enough to play Foodie 5 with us. Cheers ladies! The Foodie 5 1. What is your favorite food or drink memory from childhood? Jill: I love our family summer ritual of eating lobsters in Maine. It’s just not summer without a traditional lobster bake. Carey: My mom used to make a cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole with curry sauce – that was what my brother and I would always request for our birthdays. Sydney: Baguettes with tomato and avocado sandwiches and the best bottle of Sauvignon Blanc we could find and afford at the time while backpacking through Europe when I had just turned 18. 2. You’re moving to a new bar in minutes and can only take one gadget along with you— What do you grab and why? Jill: My muddler. There is nothing like the flavor fresh fruit and herbs impart. Carey: I’ve just gotten into the giant spherical ice cubes lately. That’s not really a gadget, but it is a fun new product. I love how the simple purity of ice can have an impact. Sydney: My shaker. Life is always a bit better when you shake things up a bit! 3. No one’s looking —what is your secret food fetish? Jill: I am a sucker for Maraschino Cherries. I love Luxardo cherries imported from Italy. Carey: I put soy sauce on my popcorn. It’s amazing! Sydney: I love to put mounds of butter on my warm rice! 4. Fill in the blanks: “I’d like to see more _____ on bar menus and a lot less flavored _________. Jill: I’d like to see more innovation on bar menus and a lot less flavored liquors. Carey: I’d like to see more simplicity on bar menus and a lot less flavored vodkas. Sydney: I’d like to see more “Laughing Glass Cocktails” on bar menus and a lot less sugary sweet drinks. 5. Congratulations, you have won Carte Blanche to drink and dine in any country/city in the world! Where would you go and why? Jill: I am so blessed to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the best cities in the world for eating. It’s hard to top. Carey: Hong Kong! There are streets there that have every cuisine imaginable, one restaurant after another. An Aussie steak house next to a Nepalese bistro across the street from a Spanish tapas place. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Sydney: Florence, Italy. I have a deep love of Italian food and the way the Italians savor their meals, their fine wine and cocktails, and their friends and family. Check out more from Fluent in Fabulous

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