Laughing Glass launches the new Firecracker Margarita!

After the success of their Classic and Pomegranate margaritas, the Laughing Glass founders were looking at a “what’s next?” moment. And that’s when Northern California Whole Foods Corporation stepped in. “When Whole Foods approached us to do a first-to-market new flavor just for them, we were thrilled and nervous! Luckily, we have so many cocktail recipes in the can, that it was easy to pick a few of our favorites,” said founder, Carey Clahan. She adds, “We came into the Northern California headquarters with five new flavors. We sat around a big conference table as Whole Foods tasted them one by one.” Ultimately, we agreed on the spicy Firecracker Margarita, an Ancho chili and pineapple cocktail, made with Laughing Glass’ super premium Blanco tequila, spicy and smoky Ancho chilies, and tropical pineapple. “It was a very cool process to go through and we were so excited to collaborate with Whole Foods,” says founder, Sydney Rainin-Smith. Clahan adds, “it was interesting to let them have a role in choosing our third flavor. Whole Foods really has their finger on the pulse of what customers are looking for – so it was great to have the extra input.” The collaboration with Whole Foods was more than just an opportunity to partner with the iconic retailer, Clahan adds, “It was an opportunity for us to really experiment and get creative. It allowed us to take a risk that we might not have taken on our own. And being creative is so energizing – it’s definitely the fun part of this industry!” Laughing Glass Cocktails’ Firecracker Margarita is currently available in Northern California Whole Foods stores. “From there, we definitely want to get it into our other accounts,” says Sydney, “From a business perspective, it’s great for us to have the three shelf facings at Whole Foods, but also, we are just in love with this new flavor.” The creators definitely did not shy away from using the strong earthy spiciness of Ancho chilies, but the sweetness of the pineapple juice really balances out the unique margarita. All three Laughing Glass Cocktails margaritas are made with a super premium, Blanco tequila, all natural and organic ingredients, and organic agave nectar for a touch of sweetness – and they are all low in calories. “We’re like a boutique, restaurant-quality cocktail, but without all the calories – and still at an affordable price!”

LGC Launches the New Pomegranate Margarita

Bright, bold and delicious is how fans are describing the new Pomegranate Margarita from the ladies at Laughing Glass Cocktails. Founders, Moms and Mixologists, Carey Clahan and Sydney Rainin-Smith, are excited to launch their second flavor of ready-to-serve margarita cocktails after the success of their Original margarita home run. This refreshing Pomegranate cocktail features the Laughing Glass proprietary super premium Blanco tequila, tangy notes of pomegranate, a hint of citrus, and the subtle sweetness of organic agave nectar. Together, these simple ingredients deliver the perfect pomegranate cocktail.   San Francisco Celebrity bartender Johnny Love Metheney has this to say about the latest Laughing Glass concoction, “I still make drinks every night for a living, but when I’m home and entertaining I reach for Laughing Glass. I’ve always loved the Original margarita, and on busy nights I pour it at Mayes Oyster House for an easy, low-calorie option for guests. I was lucky to be one of the first people to try the new Pomegranate Cocktail and it was love at first taste!” Co-Founder, Sydney Rainin-Smith, says taste was at the top of their list again with new flavor. They wanted to create a refreshing cocktail that was both unique and unforgettable. Rainin-Smith says “The first sip is so unexpected, and by the second, you are hooked.”   Don’t let the jewel-pink color fool you. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this is no syrupy fruity Kool-Aid cocktail. LGC took the complexities of their tequila and integrated the tangy boldness of the mighty pomegranate with delicate citrus, and organic agave nectar. “The balance of tangy to sweet is unlike anything else on the market today,” says Co-Founder Carey Clahan, “the flavors are bold and tangy, but not overloaded with sweetness. We worked really hard to achieve a perfect balance. We wanted to offer consumers something special for the fall, so this is our early holiday gift!”   While this margarita cocktail refreshes year-round, simply add a wedge of orange and a sugar rim for the perfect holiday treat! Preparation takes approximately 1 minute.   The new Pomegranate Margarita from Laughing Glass Cocktails is available this October. Look for their ready-to-serve cocktails at Whole Foods Markets, Mollie Stone’s Markets, Bristol Farms, Nugget Markets, and many other popular retail grocery chains.    
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